The spicy Camaiot, One of the gastronomic references of Mallorca


Camaiot is one of the gastronomic references with more tradition in Mallorca


One of the gastronomic references of Mallorca


One of the gastronomic references of Mallorca. Butifarrón is a sausage of Balearic origin that has the peculiarity of being made with viscera instead of meat. It also has meat, but in a small proportion. Seasoned with aromatic spices, salt, pepper without forgetting the pine nuts that give them their most distinctive touch.


"Campaign pate with trumpets of death". The trumpets of death are a species of mushroom, Craterellus cornucopioide, of the Cantharellacea family, which give the pork liver pâté a very special flavour, finely seasoned with black pepper, a little garlic, nutmeg and parsley.


Spicy sobrassada, the typical Mallorcan sausage, one of the island's specialities. Seasoned with peppers and black pepper among other ingredients. can of 175g


Pâté de Cap Roig Can Matarino. The scorpionfish or "cap Roig" is one of the most popular fish in the Majorcan and island cuisine.


One of the most traditional gastronomic references in Majorca. Made with black pork – a native Majorcan breed – lean and bacon, salt, pepper and paprika, which gives it the characteristic colour.