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Almond and its properties

The fruit of the almond tree, the almond, is mainly characterized by its wide use in cooking, both sweet and salty dishes, and its great benefit to health. Pink in colour and oval in shape, this product can be eaten in different ways, for example, we can find it with or without skin, roasted peeled almond, almond flour, almond pieces and granite. The benefits are so extensive, that we could spend days talking about them. We are going to quote the main ones:

  • Its protein and fibre content make it a fruit with great nutritional power.
  • Thanks to their low calorie content, they can be eaten between meals, which is suitable for people on a diet.
  • Regular consumption of almonds contributes to intelligence and prevents anaemia.
  • It is a fruit rich in vitamin E, which contributes to the improvement of hair, nails and skin.
  • It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.
  • Almonds are an excellent food rich in antioxidants.
  • The magnesium contained in almonds helps to regulate the blood pressure level.

As you can see, we could make an infinite list of benefits of eating almonds. In the Mediterranean diet it is used in an infinite number of dishes and desserts. Sabor de Mallorca collaborates with “Camp Mallorquí”, a cooperative of Mallorcan companies that plant, care for, harvest and serve mainly almonds and their derivatives. They export to the Spanish market, mainly for nougat companies. They are currently making all their products known to EU countries.

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