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We are aware that the Mediterranean diet is one of the most complete and healthiest in the world. Our idyllic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea offers a flora and fauna, with the weather, that makes a unique product; Mallorcan products.

Our biggest task is to make a selection from the most authentic, genuine, organic and traditional Majorcan products, from every corner of the island.

To Sabor de Mallorca it is not only important to show the final product, also it’s very important to show how to prepare each of theproducts that are being developed traditionally for centuries.

In our blog, you’ll find everything from the seasons of each product such as oranges and lemons to make delicious jams, the famous Matances, where the typical sobrasadas are made, to simple Mallorcan recipes made with products from the web, so you can surprise your friends and family.

Select products that come from small businesses and cooperatives. With our initiative, we promote the consumption of healthy foodshelping these small businesses, so they can continue to manufacture traditional products from Mallorca.

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